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Snowdrop = LOVE

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Just like your most cherished relationships, Snowdrop was cultivated with deep care.

Relationships are complex, aren’t they?

They require time and attention. They need regular communication and connection. They take love and care, as well as time, to flourish.

In our most loving relationships, we give all that. And more. We also offer forgiveness for the missteps and miscommunications. We pay attention to the little details and remember how small things can make a big difference in the outcomes. There’s a little bit of dreaming, of fantasy involved. And in the end, there’s also a tiny bit of crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.

Because, after all, the object of all this energy has to reciprocate, right?

The making of Snowdrop Dry American Gin (by Saxtons Distillery) is no different. Founder Christian Stromberg poured time, energy, attention to detail and a passion for a best-in-class process into the art of distilling this unique botanical gin. An inventor by nature and an engineer by training, Chrisitan wanted to ensure that his gin was a standout among all others.

And the critics agree. The Wine Enthusiast (which also rates spirits) rated Snowdrop 93 points and The Top 100 Spirits of 2017, which is the highest rating for a New England-made gin. It was also in The Top 100 Spirits in 2018.

This award winning aromatic gin is distilled under vacuum, which means it’s distilled at much cooler temperatures than standard practice. The result is that the botanicals are not “cooked” like a standard gin but rather infused. The aromatics are much lighter and more like fresh herbs. 19 fresh herbs, to be precise, can be found in Snowdrop.

When it comes to showering our favorite people with the love and attention they deserve, why not shower them with a little Snowdrop - a quality gin that reflects the same unique, complex and loving characteristics?

You can pick up a bottle in person or order online to ensure that this Valentine’s Day, your special someone receives something exceptionally special.

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